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Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.

Fire Safety Tips for High-Rise Condominiums

high rise Fire Safety Tips for High-Rise Condominiums When it comes to living in a condominium or apartment, it is important to keep fire safety in mind. However, this becomes especially true when living in a high-rise condominium. Although your building may have security systems in place such as smoke and fire alarms, it is still important to develop a fire escape plan so you are as prepared as possible. High-rise condominiums have additional features that smaller buildings do not such as elevators, extra stairwells, and sometimes indoor hallways. To practice fire safety in Chicago you will want to keep in mind...
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Most Common Causes for Home Fires

ground fire Most Common Causes for Home Fires Fires can start in the simplest of ways and usually when we are doing everyday tasks. We often get very comfortable doing everyday activities, and therefore forget to remain cautious. The U.S. Fire Administration stated that half of fires were usually caused by cooking. The other leading causes consist of heating, electrical fires, smoking, and candles. Let’s look at each one to see how we can prevent these fires and to stay aware of these leading causes of fires. Cooking fires - These types of fires are an accident, of course, but are the...
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Summer Fire Safety Tips for Property Managers

summer Summer Fire Safety Tips for Property Managers The summer months are amongst us and with that comes the nice weather, and spending time outdoors. Your tenants will likely be outdoors playing, cooking, and celebrating summer holidays such as the Fourth of July. It is important to send out a community wide notice on fire safety during the summer months. Prior to this notice, always make sure to have professionals such as Connected Fire inspect each unit’s fire extinguisher, sprinklers, and fire alarms. You always want to ensure your property is up to code and following the city laws and ordinances....
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Protecting Your Pets: Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners

dogs Protecting Your Pets: Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners Most of us know what to do in case of a fire for our family members, and we even have a fire safety and escape plan for our families. However, we should also remember to include our furry family members! Pets are also part of our families, and it is important that we have a fire safety plan set in place that includes getting our pets to safety. Primarily, it is best to have preventative measures set in place. When we have children, we put safety locks on cabinets to prevent...
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Top Fire Risks for Warehouse and Distribution Centers

warehouse Top Fire Risks for Warehouse and Distribution Centers If you operate a warehouse or distribution center, it is important to understand the fire risk associated with the building. In general, such spaces are quite large and have multiplier fire risks. It is essential for those in charge to understand the Chicago fire safety codes and keep track of protection needs. Reviewing the information below will give you insight into what you might need to consider moving forward within your warehouse or distribution center space to create a safer environment. Common Fire Causes In this work environment, there are several factors...
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