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Fire Safety Learning Center

Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.

Fire Safety During the Holidays

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Fire Safety During the Holidays While you’re gearing up for holidays in a different way, one thing never changes. That is you need to keep fire safety in front of your tenants at all times. While they may not be having as large of a gathering as normal, there will still be cooking, Christmas trees and other celebrations. It’s important that as the HOA member, you keep your complex in the know when it deals with Chicago fire safety protocols. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to the holiday season. Don’t be caught in a tricky...

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Protect Your Property With Connected Fire!

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Protect Your Property With Connected Fire! As a member of the condominium board, you are responsible for making sure your condo and tenants are protected with fire safety in Chicago. It is important that you understand your responsibility as the member of the board but also what you need to have performed as far as safety inspections and equipment. Discover more below on how you can help protect your condo by working with the team at Connected Fire. Specialize in Fire Safety First, you want a company that specializes in fire safety in Chicago. That is exactly what our company does....

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Winter Is Approaching! Are You Ready?


Winter Is Approaching! Are You Ready? Taking care of your condominium means ensuring that the entire building is ready for the cold temperatures ahead. Part of the Chicago fire safety responsibility is going through and reminding your tenants of safety tips. It also means you need to make sure all the safety equipment you have in place is where it should be and ready for anything. That’s where the team here at Connected Fire comes in. We are going to share a few safety tips to pass on to your tenants, and also get your fire equipment ready for the winter...

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Fire Alarm 101: How Long Should Your System Last?

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Fire Alarm 101: How Long Should Your System Last? Whether you are a business owner or a landlord, it is important to have properly functioning fire alarm systems installed. The facility requires it and the system helps to protect those inside if a fire were to occur. Fire alarms offer an instant sound when they detect smoke and or flames. This helps everyone to get out in time, avoiding injury or even death. One question you must ask yourself to be a responsible building owner or landlord is how long will your fire alarm system last? There is no tried and...

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Learn How to Avoid Common Fire Safety System Code Violations

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Learn How to Avoid Common Fire Safety System Code Violations When it comes to operating your business, you do everything you can to create a safe and healthy environment. For Chicago fire safety laws, you have protection systems in place to ensure the safety of employees and customers in the event of a fire. However, no matter how hard you try to protect everyone, there are mistakes that can happen where you are in violation of fire safety system codes. Below are a few areas to review that are commonly connected to violations. By staying on top of every aspect, you...

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