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Fire Safety Learning Center

Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.

Steps to Make it Out Alive if You’re Trapped in a Fire

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A property fire can be one of the most traumatizing experiences for individuals. It puts their life, property, and money at stake. Thousands of people die in property fires despite having great survival chances. It’s because these individuals don’t know what to do if they get stuck in these fires. It’s more than just fire extinguisher maintenance if you want to make it out alive. According to statistics, there are over 346,800 in the U.S. every year, killing thousands of these residents. When stuck in a fire, the steps you take can greatly impact your survival chances. For instance, individuals that...

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Springtime Fire Safety Tips For Your Residents

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As a property owner, you want to ensure that all the residents are taken care of. Providing fire safety tips in Chicago can do just that. Working with Connected Fire can take your building to the next level of protection. Check out the fire safety tips provided below to pass on to your residents or talk with us about ensuring your building and the safety equipment therein. Fire Safe Box One thing to encourage your tenants to do is utilize a fire safety box. This is where they can safely store important documents, jewelry, etc. to protect it in case of...

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Five Steps to Preparing an Effective Evacuation Plan

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Have you ever been in a catastrophic event that threatens your life? If not, you have no idea how dangerous it can actually be. You can be stuck in various problems even if you are in your residence. This includes natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, or other more common occurrences like property fires. The biggest mistake most people make is disregarding the possibility of facing a problem like this. However, these incidents are more common than you may think. According to statistics, there are around 8 deaths for 1,000 fires on average. It’s an alarming number considering you could be...

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What Is the Basic Home Fire Safety Equipment?

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Fires in a residential or commercial unit can be a serious risk. It can damage property and life, endangering people within the property. Most people think they will never encounter such instances, but that’s not always the case. It’s why individuals should put in efforts for higher safety. For instance, fire extinguisher maintenance can help prevent a fire when it starts. What Is the Basic Home Fire Safety Equipment? The protection from home fires extends further from a fire extinguisher. According to reports, there are three to four home fires regularly, which greatly put the safety of residents at risk. While...

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Top Four Safety Tips for Fire Safety In Chicago

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Making sure that fire safety is a top priority in your Chicago property is highly important as it can lead to a potential lawsuit against you personally as part of the board. When it comes to making sure residents are safe, you want to ensure that all fire safety precautions in are in place. Connected Fire is a great way to do all that and so much more. Our team of professionals can help you to incorporate the following top safety tips while ensuring the protection of your building, tenants, and investment. Here are four safety tips for property owners: Check...

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