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Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.

Fire Extinguishers and What You Should Know

extinguisher Fire Extinguishers and What You Should Know As a part of a condo board or just as a property owner in Chicago, you need to know a few things about fire extinguishers. These are a critical part of your fire safety in Chicago and you need to be prepared with the right equipment. There are many factors that go in to choosing the proper extinguisher, making sure that you are in compliance with the laws, as well as protecting your residents. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to fire extinguishers in your condo in...
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Preventing a Fire in Your Apartment Building

lit match Preventing a Fire in Your Apartment Building When it comes to Chicago fire safety, you want to make sure that your tenants and your property are protected. Whether that means installing new fire safety equipment such as portable fire extinguishers or smoke alarms or if you need to pass out these tips at your next tenants meeting, you can do something to help prevent a tragedy from happening. As a condo association member, you want to ensure your residents have everything they need to prevent a fire from happening in their building. You can do just that by making sure...
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Chicago Fire Safety Compliance

chicago Chicago Fire Safety Compliance Did you know, that as a board member of a condo association, you can face severe penalties if you fail to comply with Chicago’s fire safety standards? You may feel as though you personally wouldn’t haven’t to deal with it. However, there are even personal ramifications if the building you’re a part of doesn’t have the fire safety standards in place that it is supposed to. Knowing what you need to have in place can be a confusing aspect of the entire process. Laws can change and regulations can change, and you must stay updated on...
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Smoke Detector Safety Tips

smoke Smoke Detector Safety Tips One pivotal piece of fire safety equipment that you should always have in good working order is your smoke detector. Whether you’re the president of an HOA looking to make sure they are installed properly or you’re a home owner, this is for you. Smoke alarms have a huge job. They are there to keep your tenants or your family safe in the event of a fire. If they are not working as they should, tragic consequences can take place. People could lose their lives simply because an inexpensive tool was not properly maintained. To prevent...
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Fire Safety With Connected Fire

chicago city Fire Safety With Connected Fire Are you a rental property owner or part of an HOA? Whichever the case may be it is important that you understand the ins and outs of fire safety in Chicago. It is critical that you know what is required of you as the property owner and what you need to do in the event of a fire breaking out in your building. These tips below will help you to be prepared and show you how having someone such as Connected Fire on your side can help you improve your fire safety. Stay Updated on...
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